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I am sew ready!

Inspired by the awesome Rebecca Woolf over at Girl’s Gone Child, I have decided to turn my bebe impatient-ness into productivity. Yes, I am going to begin making baby clothes … for the kid that is still an egg, technically. Don’t laugh! I am!… Continue Reading “I am sew ready!”

Construction site chic

I WANT: Robeez Soft Soles “Digger” shoes One of my few mother-friends on Facebook was raving about Robeez shoes, so I looked ’em up, and there are pretty damn cute! This pair of little “Digger” shoes caught my eye, as Darling Husband has a… Continue Reading “Construction site chic”

The thing about Suri Cruise …

… is that she is picture-perfect, all the time. Here are the three most-important things I have learned from this trend-setting toddler … Bangs are adorable. I know Suri has weekly hair appointments, and regular moms can’t do that, but still. God, I would… Continue Reading “The thing about Suri Cruise …”