Bin there, done that — binnin’ it better this time

When I was pregnant the first time around (with Baby Boy — now known as the Toddler of Terror), I thought I was being very organized.
I had all his 0-3 month clothes stored in baskets beneath his changing table — he didn’t actually have a dresser until he was three months old). Anything that was larger (3-6 month and 6-12 month) was stored in plastic totes under his crib.
It was fine. Except for the fact that when he started to outgrow the 0-3 items, I’d dig out the bin and tear it apart, trying to figure out what he could wear. The bins weren’t labeled, so eventually they both just became “
This time around? I took it a step further, and actually LABELED the bins. And I organized the clothes according to type — tops, onesies, pants, and sleepers. Each bin contains separate piles (two piles per bin), so I can easily locate what I need.

 The 6-12 stuff won’t be needed for a while — and there’s way more of it — so it’s stashed in larger totes that will live in our master closet for now. They are also organized by “type” (pants and PJs in one bin, tops and onesies in another).

In case you’re wondering, dresses are an entirely separate category. They’re all hung in her closet — right up to 18-month and 2+ dresses — with little foam closet dividers that I made in about four seconds.


If there is anything sweeter than a miniature dress, I don’t believe it. Except maybe miniature Mary-Jane shoes. Or miniature ruffly diaper-covers. Ahhh …

One Comment on “Bin there, done that — binnin’ it better this time

  1. This is so great! I'm definitely doing this next time. I had the same problem with my little dude – when he outgrew items, I'd dig through bigger stuff in search of anything that would fit and it quickly became disorganized and chaotic. You've inspired me to organize his little stuff so it's ready for our next son if we have one, or to pass along as hand-me-downs.


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