When moms follow (mom)trends

Understatement of the century: I am not a trendy and/or stylish person.

I am a super basic dresser — jeans, striped tops and sweaters, and don’t forget the uncool winter boots that I wear eight months out of the year (replaced with flats or sandals* in the summer).

*Ugly “mom-sandals,” according to the trendy Little Sis

I get a ton of hand-me-downs from Little Sis’s bestie, so I’m not even sure if I have my own style or not, but I totally love them. Stripes! Stripes! More stripes!

So when crazy-patterned leggings started popping up here and there on my friends, I wondered (A) if this was a legit trend or a mom-trend, (B) if they would look ridiculous or not on me, and (C) if I was too damn old for them.

My friend had a home party where an Official Travelling Leggings Saleswoman (here, for locals) brought her inventory over and let us try them on. Well, if my friends were buying them, then I decided I didn’t care about (C). We could all band together and look like we were trying to be young. Solidarity!

I tried on one pair (below) and was immediately sold. I still wasn’t sure about (A) and (B), but they were OMG SO SOFT AND CUDDLY-COMFY that I knew I had to have them.

My Instagram followers dug this pair. Thanks, baes!**

**Hilary Duff taught me what “bae” means. I had thought it was short for “babe,” but it’s apparently an anagram for Before Anyone Else. You’re welcome, Fellow Older People.

You seriously won’t believe how soft they are.

I also bought this pair. You know, because they’re … neutral-ish? IDK.

My second purchase

Then I got sick for a million days, which means I have only worn them (well, the first pair) out of the house once. It went well. No one hissed at me or tried to capture me and send me back to the circus or anything.

Then, today, I got a Facebook notification that the two OTHER pairs of patterned leggings I’d ordered from a co-op were in. Suddenly it was LEGGINGS CENTRAL up in this joint …

These camo ones (well, they look just like this stock photo I found)


… and these leopard print ones (NOTE: these are not my skinny legs … unfortunately)

Darling Husband thinks this legging trend is totally insane. So does our four-year-old son, who immediately noticed when I wore the first pair and told me I looked silly. Thanks for the support, family.

But my friends are rocking them, and I love how they look, so I’m timidly jumping on the cray-cray leggings train. I definitely plan on wearing the first two pairs out in public, with flowy shirts or sweaters. I’m wearing the camo ones right now (SRSLY SO COMFY) and I think I’d wear them out of the house. Probably. Maybe.

Not so sure about wearing the leopard pair in public. I’m kind of afraid of this situation …

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