Easy sewing project: toddler dress from Daddy’s uniform shirt

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Darling Husband wears a uniform to his job (which may be able to tell by the logo, is with this company). So when D was a baby, I added a little logo to one of his navy onesies to make a baby-sized version of Daddy’s uniform. It was a huge hit, and he wore it to the airport for many visits.
When our daughter, C, came along, I knew she’d need her very own mini-version of Daddy’s uniform. So I took D’s old onesie and decided to turn it into a dress — complete with matching headband!
It was a really easy project, so I hope it inspires some readers to make mini-uniforms! It would also be a cute way to reuse one of Daddy’s old sports T-shirts or jerseys.
Here’s where I started — one 6-12 month onesie (already appliqued with the logo) and one of Darling Husband’s old uniform shirts

I cut a rough rectangle (who measures? Not me!) and some long strips that I considered turning into ruffles, and then decided I didn’t feel that ambitious on this particular day.

I turned the two big rectangles inside-out, and pinned the sides together

Then I sewed along the sides only, and turned it back right-side-out
I turned the bottom underneath a few times (to hide the raw raggedy edge), pinned it, and cut a piece of red ribbon for trim

Then I sewed the red ribbon along the edge as I hemmed it — that’s what I called two-for-the-price-of-one seam-sewing!

Here we have a skirt that’s sewn on the sides, hemmed and trimmed on the bottom, and craptastically wonky (and undone) on the top).

I used a needle and thread to run one lonnnnng line of stitches along the top of the skirt, and then tugged the waistband until it was the right size to “match up” with the waist-size of the onesie

I cut the bottom off the onesie, turned it inside out, turned the skirt inside out, and then sewed them together

It looks like the onesie isn’t there, because it’s inside the skirt, because it’s all inside-out, and SEWING CAN BE SO CONFUSING SOMETIMES, YOU KNOW?

Then I grabbed one of the T-shirt scraps (that I didn’t use for a ruffle because, really, who has the time?), folded it into a tube, sewed around the edges, and stuck a little piece of elastic in the ends — Tada! Headband!

A sweet little dress and headband for C, made from Daddy’s uniform!

Sewing skirts onto onesies is certainly nothing earth-shattering, but this was a fun, rewarding project — especially since now I get to take adorable Daddy/Daughter photos of them in their matching uniforms!

Happy sewing!


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