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DIY reversible wide-brimmed sun hats

Working at a drugstore cosmetic counter as a teenager set me up for a lifelong devotion to sunscreen and shade — as well as an obsession with face creams, actually. So during this time of year when my kids are spending hours in the… Continue Reading “DIY reversible wide-brimmed sun hats”

Why I sew my kids’ clothes

Why I sew my kids' clothes

Sometimes when people find out I sew almost all of my kids’ clothes, they get weirded out. I totally get it. It probably would have sounded insane to me a few years ago. Like, what, are you trying to channel The Sound of Music… Continue Reading “Why I sew my kids’ clothes”

My favourite shirt is the one I make myself

As you guys know, I got really into sewing while was counting down the days to motherhood. My friend L and I used to have Stitch-n-Bitch nights where we’d sew little quilt or tote bags, but we were often stuck for projects because WE… Continue Reading “My favourite shirt is the one I make myself”