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When it’s over …

How do you know when you should stop breastfeeding?When do the health benefits of breastfeeding stop?What is a good age to wean your baby? I have been going Google crazy, people. Those are just a few of the search topics I’ve been pounding out… Continue Reading “When it’s over …”

5 ways having a baby makes your boobs feel … less than desirable

They get totally sore when you’re newly pregnant Then they get all vein-y. Seriously — they look like a road map. Hawt. In preparation for giving birth, the nipples get creepy-dark so they stand out better to your semi-blind little baby — it’s like… Continue Reading “5 ways having a baby makes your boobs feel … less than desirable”

Remember me?

Crap! A week has passed without a word from me. I really must work harder at this blogging thing. It’s amazing how little time you have for blogging, when you have this entire person needing you every second of the day. What’s new? Well, Baby… Continue Reading “Remember me?”

5 things that are NO FUN

Feeling like you may possibly have the flu when you are at home alone with your baby (for 12 straight hours). Worrying what you will do if you do indeed start puking — drag the Exersaucer into the bathroom with you, so he isn’t alone?… Continue Reading “5 things that are NO FUN”

Five surprising ways newborns are kinda dirty

Their nails are long! And dirty! Who would have thought? Not me. I cut them every other day, it seems, and there is usually dirt underneath them. What gives? He doesn’t go anywhere to get them dirty! They have gunky eyes. I hadn’t experienced… Continue Reading “Five surprising ways newborns are kinda dirty”