5 things that are NO FUN

  1. Feeling like you may possibly have the flu when you are at home alone with your baby (for 12 straight hours).
  2. Worrying what you will do if you do indeed start puking — drag the Exersaucer into the bathroom with you, so he isn’t alone? — and wondering if watching you puke would scar him for life.
  3. Trying to wrestle your glass of Ginger Ale/package of saltines away from your baby before they take a sip/bite.
  4. Trying to entertain your five-month-old when you are too weak to move. Lying on the carpet and letting your baby use you as a jungle gym is not exactly “resting,” but it beats sitting up and stuff.
  5. The brief flash of “OMG the last time I had crackers and Ginger Ale I was … Holy shit, am I pregnant again?” that races through your mind, before you breathe a sigh of relief and remember you are back on the pill.

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