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A day well spent at the Ex

Since our family spends one full day at the Nova Scotia Provincial Exhibition every single summer, it’s something we all remember fondly throughout the year. It’s also become a way to notice how very, very quickly time is passing. This year at the Ex… Continue Reading “A day well spent at the Ex”

Remembering the ‘baby bubble’

Something in our conversation startled me. I leaned back in my desk chair reflectively, like an old lady in a rocking chair thinking back on her life. “Of course. Mum-Mums,” I thought to myself. “Those awful, sticky, lighter-than-air baby cookies. They made such a… Continue Reading “Remembering the ‘baby bubble’”

Fighting for good mental health in (UGH) January

The Christmas season has its own set of stresses and depressing points days weeks, but sometimes January can kick you in the crotch, too. Judging from (A) my social media feeds, and (B) the real-life humans I interact with (mostly at the school bus… Continue Reading “Fighting for good mental health in (UGH) January”

Has it really been two years since I screamed that loudly?

Two years ago today, I went into labour with our son, D. My water broke. I went to the hospital. And I began what ended up being a 17-hour labour that turned into a C-section. I remember it so clearly. The pain — the… Continue Reading “Has it really been two years since I screamed that loudly?”

5 things that are NO FUN

Feeling like you may possibly have the flu when you are at home alone with your baby (for 12 straight hours). Worrying what you will do if you do indeed start puking — drag the Exersaucer into the bathroom with you, so he isn’t alone?… Continue Reading “5 things that are NO FUN”