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Why I’ve decided to try Dutch parenting

The internet’s been buzzing over the news that Dutch children are apparently the happiest in the world. They’re independent, smart, healthy, fit and report a high level of life satisfaction, whereas American children (and likely Canadian children) were at the bottom of the pack… Continue Reading “Why I’ve decided to try Dutch parenting”

I’m Canadian and I’m scared

We played Barbies together on Tuesday afternoon. I didn’t tell her about the election specifically. She’s only four and a half and it isn’t even our country, so I wasn’t sure she’d understand. Instead, I made my Barbie announce she’d been elected president of… Continue Reading “I’m Canadian and I’m scared”

Today’s the day

We bring Annabelle home today. And I’m kind of freaking out. The kids are oblivious. And weird. I’m nervous something will go wrong. I can’t stop thinking about last time. I’ve been in a psychopathic nesting rage for days now — cleaning and organizing… Continue Reading “Today’s the day”

I ordered a rug and now I’m freaking out

After what feels like years of pining after rugs and not being able to pull the trigger, I did it. I used birthday money + a healthy PayPal balance to buy this Verona Blue Area Rug on Wayfair. Isn’t she gorgeous? Yes, I jumped… Continue Reading “I ordered a rug and now I’m freaking out”

The Canadian who hates to drive in snow

Snow is beautiful to look at. I get excited about the first few snowfalls, like everyone else. When it’s softly falling outside my window, it makes me want to put on a fire and light my (fake) candles and drink hot chocolate because snowwwwwwwwwww!… Continue Reading “The Canadian who hates to drive in snow”