Category: Body drama

Suck on this

Can you imagine throwing up for three months straight … or even longer? Blah, yeah, I don’t want to think about it either. But the reality is that being preggo can be super, super-uncomfortable — and morning sickness is a big part of it… Continue Reading “Suck on this”

Stop … in the name of love

So, if you’ve been keeping track … We now have Best Friend, Little Sis, Mom, and the entire fam-in-law totally, 100% on the baby train … with Darling Husband and I leading the way down the track.  The big ol’ conception party is scheduled… Continue Reading “Stop … in the name of love”

The pill plunge

This morning, I looked long and hard at my packet of birth control pills.  I didn’t want to take one … Since we are planning on trying this summer, I feel like I should get off the pill soon, so I have a chance… Continue Reading “The pill plunge”