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Here come the symptoms …

Originally written on Tuesday, Aug. 30, 2011Four weeks, three days pregnant Um, woah. Pregnancy symptoms have set in EARLY, guys. This is what I’ve been experiencing for the past WEEK! Nausea with a capital N. Last time around, I didn’t start feeling sick until five weeks. This time?… Continue Reading “Here come the symptoms …”


I am drying up. Yes, it’s finally happening. The weaning. After almost one YEAR of breastfeeding (I’ll just hold for applause now, because damnit, I’ve earned it), my boobs are almost done being milkbags and will go back to just being funbags. I’m still… Continue Reading “Moooooooo”

When it’s over …

How do you know when you should stop breastfeeding?When do the health benefits of breastfeeding stop?What is a good age to wean your baby? I have been going Google crazy, people. Those are just a few of the search topics I’ve been pounding out… Continue Reading “When it’s over …”