Two years later …

I can’t believe it was exactly two years ago — January 1, 2009 — that I wrote my very first post on this blog. I was obsessed — OBSESSED! — with getting pregnant and starting a family. I started this blog, in fact, because I desperately wanted an outlet where I could talk about those feelings.

So much has happening in the last two years. I dedicated 2009 to preparing to get pregnant, and then in September, it happened. I was pregnant for the first part of 2010, and then in June, Darling Husband and I were so amazingly blessed to have the most perfect, sweet baby boy.

2010 was, without a doubt, the best year of my life.
So what do we expect for 2011?
Maybe I should say, who will we expect? …

No, I am not pregnant. Promise.
But I’d be lying if I said we weren’t discussing it.

I honestly thought I wouldn’t even be thinking of getting pregnant again until Baby Boy was at least a year old, but … I don’t know. I am. I can’t help how I feel, and I want to keep being honest on this blog.

It’s hard to describe my feelings on this subject, because I feel like I’m going to get a bunch of “You’re talking about trying again??? WTF??? Your baby is still a bayyyybeeee!” backlash. There is talk of finances. There is talk of logistics. There is talk of the merits of having babies close in age, and the merits having children spaced further apart.

There are people who won’t understand — who don’t understand — how I can feel this way, with my firstborn not quite seven months old. I don’t know when it’s “expected” that you should have/want to have another, but I know that everyone feels differently, and everyone does things differently.

I think I can sum up my feelings with a wonderful quote from one of my favourite bloggers, Amalah. When people asked her how she knew she wanted a second baby, she replied: “Our family was not complete without him.”

Our family is not complete. I don’t know when (or how many more) we’ll add to it, but we will. I can feel it. I have the same feeling I used to have when I was wishing and dreaming for Baby Boy. A little spark inside of me. A feeling that I miss someone who isn’t here yet.

We’ll have to see what 2011 has in store for us …

2 Comments on “Two years later …

  1. Our daughter was about 6/7 months when baby fever struck again for me. However, we've had to wait (still waiting) and are hoping THIS will be the year when things will be settled enough to bring another kiddo into the family.

    All I can say is, as much as I would have LOVED to have had number 2 by now, the past 2+ years that I've given to my daughter and her alone have been amazing. If you find that you need to wait for whatever reason, just know that the time spent “waiting” for the new addition is time extremely well spent. However amazingly mind-blowing your little one is now, it only gets more crazy and amazing.

    That said, if I could be, I'd have been pregnant yesterday 🙂

    Good luck in your decision!


  2. Thanks a lot for sharing, Kirsten! I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one who was struck by second-baby-fever at the 6/7 month mark. Maybe it's because they start crawling and standing and feeling less like little babies?


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