How did I know? Well, I didn’t …

Monday, September 28, 2009


I am like a blog archeologist, going through posts for the month of September, trying to glean any insight on how it felt to be pregnant for those first four weeks.
Unlike other months, I didn’t really suspect anything …
  • On Sept. 14 — The “technical” Day 15 (but really, around the time it all happened) –I took up running out of the blue.
  • On Sept. 18 (Day 19) I made a huge list of baby/TTC songs.
  • On Sept. 21 (Day 22), I posted a video of the Dixie Chicks song about trying to conceive — So Hard — without realizing we already had.
  • On Sept. 22 (Day 23), I got all crazy-organize-y and made lists of my Christmas goals. Omigod, how far along will I be at Christmas??? Hold on … it will be the end of my fourth month. Cool. Aren’t pregnant women always revered around the holidays? Like Mary?
  • On Sept. 24 (Day 25), I scrapped my new schedule.
  • And finally, on Sept. 25 (Day 26), I had a hopeful inkling because I felt nauseous and didn’t feel Aunt Flow coming on.
When I think about how crazy I got in July and August — being completely certain that I had “all the symptoms,” I want to laugh. The month that I suspected nothing, I ended up being pregnant.
Maybe this a true sign of parenthood — just might think you have it all figured out, but really, you have no idea?

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