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Couldn’t have said it better myself …

So Hard By The Dixie Chicks Back when we startedWe didn’t know how hard it wasLiving on nothingBut what the wind would bring to usNow we’ve got somethingI can imagine fighting forSo why is fighting all that we’re good at anymore And sometimes I… Continue Reading “Couldn’t have said it better myself …”

Songs about trying to conceive, pregnancy and babies

Over the past few months, I’ve started “collecting” songs about trying to conceive, pregnancy, and babies. Sometimes when you can’t stop thinking about something, it helps to listen to songs by people who are going through the same thing. Here’s a list of what… Continue Reading “Songs about trying to conceive, pregnancy and babies”

Apparently parents-to-be love the mall

It’s official … again: everyone in the world is pregnant but me. Let me back up: I had a very surreal experience this morning. Darling Husband and I were just at the mall, picking up a baby shower gift for C‘s soon-to-arrive little one.… Continue Reading “Apparently parents-to-be love the mall”

Third time’s the charm?

It’s official: I was not knocked up in August. I pretty much expected this, so I’m not super-disappointed like I was in July. This, of course, means I did not get pregnant at age 25 — which I sort of figured I would be.… Continue Reading “Third time’s the charm?”

Back in the saddle

I have a feeling … … I just don’t think it worked this month. Editor’s note: This is the portion of the blog where I launch into TMI (too much information) territory … I am still not totally sure I understand the ins and… Continue Reading “Back in the saddle”