Fingers crossed

I am not one to get carried away with “potential symptoms.” Ahem.

But if I were one of those people to get carried away, I may have noticed …
  • I am super nauseous this morning. Right now, in fact.
  • I am not craving chocolate like I normally would be, with my period expected in four days
  • I do not have my “warning” blemish — that always means Aunt Flow is about to pull in the driveway
  • I am really, really, really hopeful for this month. We gave it a good ol’ college try, so to speak …
I hope I am not jinxing myself with this post, but I had to record it for posterity. Please please please please please!

Repeat after me: Third time’s the charm. Third time’s the charm.

UPDATED TO ADD: … and I was!!!


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