Category: Trying to conceive

What does it take?

I didn’t want to become one of those people who stress out over conceiving. So of course, I have become one of those people. Two months. Only two months and already it is stressing me out. I thought it was supposed to take six… Continue Reading “What does it take?”

Good girl gone bad

First two weeks of July (when I could have been pregnant … but wasn’t): I cut waaaaay back on my beloved Caffeine-free Diet Coke. I went entire days without having any — don’t snicker, this is progress — and when I did have it,… Continue Reading “Good girl gone bad”

Please let this be true …

Because I’m bored …

I started playing around on one of those due-date prediction sites, and ch-ch-check out the results … I have always told Darling Husband that I think the nicest birthday months are May, June, August, February and December — except December kids get screwed on… Continue Reading “Because I’m bored …”

Taking a deep breath

I know it was only our first month or trying, so I shouldn’t have had my hopes up so soon. But I’m only human, and I did. Hopes were sky-high. Seeing the negative test last night was harder than I expected. I did some… Continue Reading “Taking a deep breath”