Five things about taking a baby to a movie

I took Baby Boy to his first movie yesterday — a special Mommy/Baby showing of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse. It went really well, but … uh … here’s what I learned …

  1. There is a stroller “parking lot” in the hallway. When you naively push your stroller by it — because there is only one stroller there, and zero signage — the staff will get pissy that you didn’t automatically know to put your stroller there
  2. Babies clamp down — HARD! — on your boob when the movie gets especially loud
  3. Babies cry — HARD! — at the vampire/werewolf scenes, and you will feel like a bad mommy for bringing him to something so scary
  4. There is a fancy Diaper Genie thing near the changing station, and you will struggle helplessly with it … in front of a crowd of competent mommies
  5. You will walk out of the theatre with a wet breastmilk splotch on your top … and not notice until you are in your car

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