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Five family games to try this winter

Our kids are in the board game sweet spot. They’re old enough to understand the rules of just about any game, but still young enough that they want to play with us. Hooray! From card games and puzzle games and games where the pieces look like literal candy, here are five games that I highly recommend you try this winter …

Kids Ergo — the end to fidgeting at the table?!

KidsErgo — the end to fidgeting at the table?! {Heather's Handmade Life}

No more crouching and kneeling on their kitchen chairs or tipping them back so far we think someone’s going to get a concussion.

50 backyard activities for spring

50 backyard activities for spring {Heather's Handmade Life}

It’s not that my kids weren’t playing outside over the winter — they were. Honest. It’s just that it was an especially icy, wet, windy winter, rather than a picturesque fairytale winter wonderland. The kids would go play outside and come back, wet and… Continue Reading “50 backyard activities for spring”

Kids on YouTube is the latest obsession

Kids on YouTube is the latest obsession {Heather's Handmade Life}

Are your kids on YouTube and dreaming of stardom? I often wonder, when my daughter is watching herself on YouTube and giggling hysterically at her own jokes, if we are raising what’s going to be the vainest generation of all time. Yes, she’s on… Continue Reading “Kids on YouTube is the latest obsession”

Why schoolwork is saving our summer vacation

One of the most fun summer activities at our house isn’t swimming in the inflatable pool, playing on the new monkey bars or having water fights with the neighbours. It’s a daily spelling test. It all started exactly one week into summer vacation. The… Continue Reading “Why schoolwork is saving our summer vacation”