A healthier alternative

I have said before that Pop-Tarts are my secret little “anti-depressant” at work. I keep a box in my desk, and when I feel like I’m going to explode, I toast one and eat it slowly. It’s a yummy treat that I would never buy for at home, and it really does perk me up.

In light of my new running regime — well, it’s been once so far, but whatever — and realization of how to curb my snacky-snacking at night, I decided to try a new “anti-depressant.” Because even I know that using food as a reward is not a good idea.
About an hour ago, I thought I was going to quit on the spot from the STRESS and FRUSTRATION from it all. Blah.
Instead of toasting a strawberry Pop-Tart, I made a cup of light hot chocolate and watched a six-minute long New Moon trailer.
Ah … lower in calories, and a healthy dose of Edward and Jacob sexiness …

So what do you think?

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