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Because now it’s getting serious …

BOYS Andrew Archer Benjamin Brock Dawson (new add by Little Sis) Dexter*** Elliot (middle name only) Henry** (Darling Husband is not relenting) Jack** Max** Nicholas*** Peter William (middle name only) GIRLS Alice** Charlotte Claire (middle name only) Ella Emma*** Grace** Hannah** Hailey* Hilary/Hillary Molly… Continue Reading “Because now it’s getting serious …”

What was that name again?

Sarah Michelle Gellar had her baby! It was a girl! And she … she stole two of my baby names??? What??? Well, uh, congratulations. Charlotte Grace is a beautiful name. I only hope that I don’t steal it back someday, and have everyone think… Continue Reading “What was that name again?”

Vroom, vroom!

Last night, Darling Husband and I were doing a little car research. We’re trying to figure out what fuel-efficient, budget-friendly piece of metal is going to replace our beloved SUV. Somewhere along the way, it turned into a baby name discussion — doesn’t it… Continue Reading “Vroom, vroom!”

Finding a middle ground is hard

It’s a Tuesday, and those are just naturally boring days. And you know what that means — more name-game action … * His favourites** My favourites*** Mutual favourites BOYSAndrewBenjamin Dexter***Henry** (Darling Husband still hates it, but I love it)Jack**Max**Nicholas***PeterWilliam GIRLSAlice**CharlotteClaire (middle name only)EllaEmma***Grace**Hannah** (everyone… Continue Reading “Finding a middle ground is hard”

Sometimes I’m not sure we’re on the same page …

While discussing possible boys’ names … ME: What about “James”? DARLING HUSBAND: Yeah. ME: I mean, we both have uncles named James. And it’s classic. DARLING HUSBAND: Yup. ME: Definitely not “Jamie” or anything hideous like “Jimmy,” but just nice, plain, classic “James.” DARLING… Continue Reading “Sometimes I’m not sure we’re on the same page …”