Vroom, vroom!

Last night, Darling Husband and I were doing a little car research. We’re trying to figure out what fuel-efficient, budget-friendly piece of metal is going to replace our beloved SUV.

Somewhere along the way, it turned into a baby name discussion — doesn’t it always?
ME: Hey — Aston Martin! Wouldn’t that be a cute boy’s name?
ME: No, no, it would! Little Aston Martin.
But it got me thinking — Darling Husband is a huge car/truck/airplane/any-vehicle lover. If we have a boy, maybe a car name would be cute?
Here are some auto-inspired name possibilities:
What do you think? Is the car thing crazy? Unfortunately, we can’t name the kid after my hobbies, unless we want to call him/her “Gluegun” or “Singer.”

So what do you think?

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