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About a girl

Last night I dreamed I had a little girl named Alice. She had long curly hair, and was running around a backyard wearing butterfly wings. She was dancing barefoot, and she was so sweet. I had kind of forgotten about Alice, but it was… Continue Reading “About a girl”

The name game

While it’s a lot of fun to discuss names with your girlfriends, and throw around fun/crazy name combinations, it becomes stressful when you actually think about naming your child … for life! You will need to say their name about 3,241 times every day,… Continue Reading “The name game”

International naming

When Victoria and David Beckham named their son Brooklyn — the NY borough in which he was conceived — my first thought was, “What were they doing in Brooklyn?” My next thought, of course, was, “That is a cute name!” There are plenty of baby… Continue Reading “International naming”