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Emma and Hannah

I have re-discovered my obsession with the public library — which, admittedly, is cheaper than my obsession with the used bookshop. When I took out a book the other day — OK, 12 books — one of them had the most amazing surprise tucked… Continue Reading “Emma and Hannah”

It’s a McMystery

Want to hear something really weird and totally unexpected? I have taken to calling Little Dog “Mick.” Yup, “Mick.” She has a two-syllable name that does not even begin with “M,” and I randomly start calling her “Mick.” Lately, I’m all: “Helloooo, Mick!” and… Continue Reading “It’s a McMystery”

The thing about compromising …

Meet Grace. OK, her name (probably) isn’t Grace. She’s a random kid I found through Google. But doesn’t she look like a Grace? Sometimes I shuffle through photos of random babies and kids I don’t know, trying to see which look like ours might.… Continue Reading “The thing about compromising …”

The boy in the green room

Last night I dreamed we had a boy, and we painted his room a really nice shade of kelly green. We had all white furniture, and we spelled out his name on the wall in white wooden letters — but I couldn’t see the… Continue Reading “The boy in the green room”

Actually, her namesake is a vampire …

Hello, bloggie friends! I hope you had a lovely Mother’s Day weekend. I spent Saturday night with Mom and Little Sis, and it was there that my new obsession was born. Not a very original obsession, unfortunately: Twilight. I know, I know. I am… Continue Reading “Actually, her namesake is a vampire …”