Because now it’s getting serious …


  • Andrew
  • Archer
  • Benjamin
  • Brock
  • Dawson (new add by Little Sis)
  • Dexter***
  • Elliot (middle name only)
  • Henry** (Darling Husband is not relenting)
  • Jack**
  • Max**
  • Nicholas***
  • Peter
  • William (middle name only)


  • Alice**
  • Charlotte
  • Claire (middle name only)
  • Ella
  • Emma***
  • Grace**
  • Hannah**
  • Hailey*
  • Hilary/Hillary
  • Molly
  • Rosalie/Rose**
  • Sophie*** (new add by me and Darling Husband, while watching Gene Simmons Family Jewels)

3 Comments on “Because now it’s getting serious …

  1. I love Dexter Eliot. I also love Jack as a first name.

    Sophie is lovely and perfect that you both love it! I had it on my future list, but Husband doesn't like like it.

    And Charlotte is one of my faves too.

    Any feelings yet on whether it might be a boy or girl?


  2. When you get super serious about your name choices— check how popular they will be in the future with the Social Security website—I love how you can see the trends… and see if your name will always be popular or always be unique!!!!

    GOOD luck finding the perfect name for your perfect sweetheart.


  3. I love Dexter Elliot, too! Very strong name.

    No strong feelings yet. Darling Husband thinks it's a boy, and while I am hoping for a girl, I am kind of feeling like it's a boy, as well.

    We can find out for sure in less than 18 weeks 🙂


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