Category: How things have changed

I love you like a pregnant chick loves tea biscuits

Five years ago today, on Valentine’s Day, Darling Husband (well, then he was Darling Boyfriend) presented me with a diamond engagement ring. Today? Not quite as romantic. The Toddler of Terror kept us up throughout the night screaming — SHRIEKING, actually — and they… Continue Reading “I love you like a pregnant chick loves tea biscuits”

Mommy confession …

The other day I had a momentary flash of guilt when I spent $39. It was not even on me. It was not on shoes or clothes or nail polish or delicious turquoise tights or any of the somewhat extremely frivolous things I used to buy… Continue Reading “Mommy confession …”

The "long" weekend

It’s Good Friday. Everyone on Facebook and Twitter is going on about how it’s a holidaaaaaay, yayyyyy, so they don’t have to worrrrrrk today, yayyyyy! Me? Um, it’s still Good Friday. But it does not feel like a holiday, and it definitely doesn’t feel… Continue Reading “The "long" weekend”

Egg-ellent progress

Strange thing #4692 I have learned about parenthood: The things you obsess most over? You will eventually be like, “Meh!” Example: I used to be really nervous about giving Baby Boy eggs. “They have a high allergy risk!” I’d cry. I never let him… Continue Reading “Egg-ellent progress”

When mommies shop

About a month ago, I was out running errands with Darling Husband. I insisted I wanted to go to Old Navy, because I’d gotten an e-mail about a big Kids/Baby sale. About 95% of Baby Boy’s clothes are hand-me-downs and items bought at the… Continue Reading “When mommies shop”