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5 ways I’ve mellowed since having a baby …

We used to get groceries twice a week. We’d run out of one thing, and I’d be all “We have no food, Darling Husband. We need to go to the store!” Now? The fridge can be bare of nothing but condiments, one apple, and… Continue Reading “5 ways I’ve mellowed since having a baby …”

Now that’s convenient …

The next time your baby gets the hiccups, seize the opportunity! Plop them in their bouncy seat, set them up in the bathroom, and jump in the shower. It’s fabulous timing, because you won’t have to peek around the curtain to check on them… Continue Reading “Now that’s convenient …”

She’s makin’ a list, she’s checkin’ it twice

In my former life — a.k.a. Before Baby, a.k.a. When I Had A Job — I used to be obsessed with to-do lists. I had a running list on my BlackBerry of “personal” to-dos (errands, etc.) and a series of very elaborate “professional” lists… Continue Reading “She’s makin’ a list, she’s checkin’ it twice”