I love you like a pregnant chick loves tea biscuits

Five years ago today, on Valentine’s Day, Darling Husband (well, then he was Darling Boyfriend) presented me with a diamond engagement ring.

Today? Not quite as romantic. The Toddler of Terror kept us up throughout the night screaming — SHRIEKING, actually — and they are both battling colds, so we’re all tired today. I have a pile of freelance work to do. We need to get groceries. The house is kind of grimy.

But this morning, I made heart-shaped pancakes with heart-shaped strawberries. I presented the toddler with his ultimate favourite treat — a tube of mini M&Ms — and gave Darling Husband his ultimate guilty pleasure — a variety-tray of assorted gummy heart candy crap. And right now? Darling Husband is out buying me the special tea biscuits that I was obsessed with a month or so ago. And I am VERY EXCITED about this gift.

Tonight, we will not go out for a fancy dinner (broke as a joke).
Darling Husband will not buy me flowers (he would, but I’m horribly allergic).
We will not exchange elaborate gifts (see above RE: brokeness).

Tonight we will make dinner together, and hang out with the toddler.
When he goes to bed, we will play cards.
(Because he’s doped up on cold meds, I have a shot at winning!)

Things are different than they were five years ago.
They’re even better.

I love you, Darling Husband!

One Comment on “I love you like a pregnant chick loves tea biscuits

  1. Awe don't you just love the romance in the small stuff? Seeing hubby with baby J melts my heart and is better than any gift he could buy.


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