The "long" weekend

It’s Good Friday.

Everyone on Facebook and Twitter is going on about how it’s a holidaaaaaay, yayyyyy, so they don’t have to worrrrrrk today, yayyyyy!

Me? Um, it’s still Good Friday. But it does not feel like a holiday, and it definitely doesn’t feel like a day “off.”

Darling Husband is working — airplanes don’t take holidays. I’m home with Baby Boy. We were up ridiculously early at just after 6 a.m. There is laundry to do. There are a zillion teeny tiny meals to prepare (and clean up!). There are dishes to do. There are toys to pick up. Then, when Baby Boy goes for his naps today, I need to bust ass on a few freelance writing projects until he wakes up. Everything is the same as always.

Someone wished me a “happy long weekend!” yesterday via email. I wanted to reply and explain that in my world, there is no difference between a weekday and weekend — let alone a “long” weekend.

But I just wished her one back.
It’s not the kind of thing anyone understands until they experience it.

Hope all my other mommy friends are enjoying their “long” weekends 🙂
For my non-mommy pals — it really IS a long weekend for you. Enjoy it! Savour it!

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