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How do you spell anxiety? R-e-l-a-x

You could say I run a tight ship.All aboard the S.S. Obsessive Compulsive!But, you see, I need to start easing up a little bit … Darling Husband works a lot of hours (two full-time jobs, actually … yeah, yikes is right). So naturally, Baby… Continue Reading “How do you spell anxiety? R-e-l-a-x”

Then and now

Then: “Okay! Let’s take off this outfit and get you a nice new one. Into the laundry you go, Mr. Onesie! Now let’s get some fresh socks to match …” Now: “Hmm. Sleeper looks clean. You can wear that again tonight. No, let’s leave… Continue Reading “Then and now”

Then and now

Then (while assembling Baby Boy’s highchair): “The tray is dishwasher-safe? What? Why would anyone want to fill up half their dishwasher with this thing when you could just wipe it off? Now (after many, many solid-food feedings): “%$#! It’s not coming off! Why is… Continue Reading “Then and now”

The world’s fastest shower

I mentioned yesterday that Baby Boy no longer tolerates bouncy chairs or Exersaucers, and it made doing my makeup difficult. Showering is even trickier. Yesterday I was too lazy to set up the Jolly Jumper in the bathroom door, so I simply set up… Continue Reading “The world’s fastest shower”

Our baby in review: His Sixth Month

Baby Boy is six months old today. Half a year ago, I was lying in a hospital bed, and he was born.Half a year from now, he’ll be smashing his hand into a birthday cake that I’ll bake for him. These last six months… Continue Reading “Our baby in review: His Sixth Month”