Mommy confession …

The other day I had a momentary flash of guilt when I spent $39.

It was not even on me. It was not on shoes or clothes or nail polish or delicious turquoise tights or any of the somewhat extremely frivolous things I used to buy regularly daily before I became a mom.


I was at Frenchy’s with the lovely Lindsey and our baby boys, and found a ton of awesome clothes for Baby Boy. Tees, golf shirts, pants, onesies — even a windbreaker, and I’ve been trying to nab one for a month now.

As I loaded up the counter with my finds, and I saw the total come to $39 and change, I was like, Wow, I don’t normally spend that much here!

I still can’t believe that was my initial reaction. I came out with a huge bag of great clothes. I should have been saying it was ONLY $39! What a steal, etc.! But I was actually — for a second — kind of like, Oh, do I really need all of it? Sheesh.

I would never make it shopping in Gymboree.

So what do you think?

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