Egg-ellent progress

Strange thing #4692 I have learned about parenthood: The things you obsess most over? You will eventually be like, “Meh!”

Example: I used to be really nervous about giving Baby Boy eggs.

“They have a high allergy risk!” I’d cry. I never let him have anything that may have come in contact with eggs. I started giving him the yolks around seven months, because that was deemed “most likely safe.” But the whites? Oh no, not the whites! Those can’t be eaten until 12 months. No way!

The other day? Baby Boy ate one of buttermilk pancakes (made with whole eggs), and then I let him have a tiny lick of cookie dough (whole eggs again — raw ones, at that).

I thought about it and realized that he’s been eating my pancakes for a while now.
And he’s fine.

I think my old self just had a stroke.

So what do you think?

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