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Finding a new normal

How to find your new normal when starting school is exhausting

I bought the thermos and the water bottle. I was ready with lunchbox snacks and juice boxes. I even baked fresh chocolate chip cookies for the heartwarming after-school mother/son chat we’d have on the first day. But I certainly wasn’t prepared for the exhaustion… Continue Reading “Finding a new normal”

Five Christmases

It’s nighttime on Boxing Day, and my post-Christmas melancholy has struck earlier than usual. Christmas with little kids is totally exhausting when you’re in the thick of it, but during the quiet moments — when no one is fighting over a new toy or… Continue Reading “Five Christmases”

I love you like a pregnant chick loves tea biscuits

Five years ago today, on Valentine’s Day, Darling Husband (well, then he was Darling Boyfriend) presented me with a diamond engagement ring. Today? Not quite as romantic. The Toddler of Terror kept us up throughout the night screaming — SHRIEKING, actually — and they… Continue Reading “I love you like a pregnant chick loves tea biscuits”