Creative storage nooks & crannies

As a journalist, I write a lot of stories. One of the best ways to guarantee you’re writing about something that interests you is to pitch stories, but I rarely have the time to sit down and drum up ideas. It’s all I can do to keep up with the assignments that come in, normally.

So when I pitched the idea of a story on interesting storage nooks and crannies in new homes, I was pumped when my East Coast Living editor gave me the green light. I have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to hoarding these ideas in case we ever build someday (not likely, but you never know).

Photo credit: Stephen Harris

I loved interviewing builders across Atlantic Canada to ask about the coolest features and spaces they’ve created, from a bookshelf/wine rack combination, double-duty kitchen islands, dream pantries, mudrooms, banquette seating, wine cellars, and entertainment centres.

Full story is over on if you’re planning a new home and want it to be as efficient as possible.

(Or if you’re like me and are forever designing your dream home on Pinterest)

So what do you think?

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