Sure, you can paint your oil tank!

So our basement oil tank always looked like this … 

Actually, it was more like this …

And sometimes THIS …

When I shared our laundry room makeover on Sunday, you might recall the oil tank was looking a LOT different …

I knew all along that I WANTED to paint the oil tank, but Darling Husband? He didn’t think it was a good idea.

Naturally, I waited until he was working and decided maybe I’d just paint the pipes using some of the leftover floor paint (Naples Bay by SICO)

… but the pipes looked so good that I JUST. KEPT. GOING.

It was so damn beautiful.


Now, a couple of disclaimers!

Yes, we own the oil tank — and yes, I did take a careful look at the sticker before painting it. The sticker said “DO NOT REMOVE OR PAINT THIS LABEL.”

So if we’re talking about not painting a label, that kind of implies that paint might be NEAR the label, right?

It took three coats to cover it nicely, and it looks SO pretty in my new laundry room — a fun splash of turquoise instead of a nasty grey beast.

 Ahhhh …

And it’s the perfect spot to prop up my custom paint storage boards. (More on those tomorrow!)

Pin this idea for later!


Did you check out the full laundry room makeover yet? It really is epic.

Click for the full laundry room / DIY studio reveal
Seriously, what a difference!
My new favourite space

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