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My Husband Rocks Friday

Dear Darling Husband, I can’t believe it’s gone. I could have seen us living there. I really could. We thought it was our house of dreams, but it wasn’t. Because even though it seemed perfect for us, the dollars and cents were not working… Continue Reading “My Husband Rocks Friday”

Omigod, you guys!

We saw a house this morning.I said “Wow!” and “I LOVE IT!” every three seconds.I am trying to remain calm.But really? I MUST HAVE IT! The best way to describe how I feel is with the immortal words of Elle Woods (circa Legally Blonde: The… Continue Reading “Omigod, you guys!”

Change of address

So we’re living with my mom. When I moved out at age 20, I thought it was for good. I was just starting my third year of university. Darling Husband (Darling “Boyfriend” at the time) and I found a craptastic little apartment in the… Continue Reading “Change of address”