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When there are no words …

I posted back in December about the toddler’s speech — or, ah, lack thereof — and then kind of never mentioned it again. In the blog world, it got lost in the shuffle of posts about having a little girl, and ruffles and heartburn… Continue Reading “When there are no words …”

Egg-ellent progress

Strange thing #4692 I have learned about parenthood: The things you obsess most over? You will eventually be like, “Meh!” Example: I used to be really nervous about giving Baby Boy eggs. “They have a high allergy risk!” I’d cry. I never let him… Continue Reading “Egg-ellent progress”

I’m like a doctor … kinda!

Totally forgot to update you guys on my course last weekend! It went really well, and I feel quite a bit less terrified than I was before. I’ll start from the beginning. I have been in two situations in the past where I, personally,… Continue Reading “I’m like a doctor … kinda!”

When it’s over …

How do you know when you should stop breastfeeding?When do the health benefits of breastfeeding stop?What is a good age to wean your baby? I have been going Google crazy, people. Those are just a few of the search topics I’ve been pounding out… Continue Reading “When it’s over …”

Hush, little baby

Uh-oh! Baby Boy is doing something new, and — unlike most of his exciting milestones — this is NOT a good one! He has become really sensitive about loud (or weird) noises. It came out of nowhere! I first noticed it on Sunday, we… Continue Reading “Hush, little baby”