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5 Dog DIYs that will save you money

Five Dog DIYs that will save you money {Heather's Handmade Life}

We love DIY around here, so of course it was only natural that I’d start dreaming up ways to DIY for our sweet dog, Annabelle. Here’s a quick link-up to my Top 5 Dog DIYs … If you liked these ideas, don’t forget to… Continue Reading “5 Dog DIYs that will save you money”

DIY Harry Potter costumes

DIY Harry Potter costumes | DIY Quidditch broom craft | Hermione Granger costume | Rita Skeeter costume | {Heather's Handmade Life}

And so, after spending a year feeling guilty about dropping waaaaay too much money in the stupid Halloween store — and coming to the conclusion that DIY costumes aren’t always cheaper — I present to you … our sorta-bought, sorta-DIY Harry Potter costumes …… Continue Reading “DIY Harry Potter costumes”

The backwards fabric hack

If you find a paint swatch you like, look for a more greyed-out version and it’s probably going to be even nicer. Strangely enough, you can almost do the same thing with fabric, all by turning it over and using the other side! I… Continue Reading “The backwards fabric hack”

DIY pet toy storage

The finished DIY dog toy storage crate looks great in the living room, and it’s low enough that our teeny Annabelle can easily reach to the bottom.

Baking a doggie birthday cake

This is completely random and hilarious, but I have been getting requests for the recipe I used to make Annabelle‘s half-birthday cake a couple of weeks ago. Truth: It looked so good that I kind of wanted to try it. I modified this peanut… Continue Reading “Baking a doggie birthday cake”