Today’s the day

We bring Annabelle home today.

And I’m kind of freaking out.

The kids are oblivious. And weird.
I’m nervous something will go wrong. I can’t stop thinking about last time. I’ve been in a psychopathic nesting rage for days now — cleaning and organizing like I’m nine months pregnant. 
What if there’s a stray Lego on the ground? Or a Barbie shoe? WHAT IF SHE CRAWLS UNDER C’S BED AND EATS ONE OF THE HALF-WRECKED LIPSMACKERS OMG???


I don’t think the kids’ rooms have EVER been this clean.

(And let’s not talk about the foul mess I discovered under C’s bed, let alone the FLOUR I had to vacuum out of her carpet because she ripped apart one of those squishy balloon stress balls and then attempted to hide the evidence.)

I stopped the cleaning frenzy yesterday, realizing that the house is never going to STAY this perfectly clean. Annabelle is not just coming for the weekend — she’s moving IN with us.

I’m nervous, but I’m also excited. I’m worried about how everyone will adjust, but I’m also strangely calm in the knowledge that we love each other already.

Here we go!


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