Great expectations

Monday, March 29, 2010
30 weeks, 1 day pregnant

You might remember that last week, just before my shower, that I was worried about how Darling Husband and I were going to buy the “big items” we need for the baby.

Well, we figured out long ago that there were five big-ticket items we needed:
  • Crib
  • Dresser
  • Playard with bassinet
  • Travel system (stroller with snap-in infant carseat)
  • Glider and ottoman
While we got tons — and I mean, really, tons — of amazing stuff at the baby shower, we were still lacking all of the big items (except the crib).
  • Crib (gift from my mom)
  • Dresser
  • Playard with bassinet
  • Travel system (stroller with snap-in infant carseat)
  • Glider and ottoman
My worrying was reaching an all-time high.
The dresser we wanted was $399.
The Playard we wanted was $220.
The travel system we wanted was $299.
And the glider/ottoman we wanted was $269.

That’s $1,187 before tax. And we now had to buy all of it — plus all the other stuff we didn’t get at the shower? PANIC MODE!

It’s been a busy week, but here is how it all worked out …

Mom actually bought the changing table for us, because she happened to see it on clearance in another department store. We’re so glad she did, because once we added some dark wicker baskets to the shelves, it became a great place to store Baby Boy’s clothes and changing supplies.

Travel System
We originally registered for the Graco Mosaic travel system, and we were OK with buying it ourselves. But when a friend told Darling Husband about a huge baby sale at another store, we checked it out. They had this First Years Magna Light travel system on for $140, but it was normally $299 (the same price as our original pick), and we couldn’t pass up such a great deal.


Yup, we got the glider we originally wanted — just at a much lower price! I happened to check the department store’s website and see that the glider was marked down $70 until April 2 (taking it to $199), and then when we went in to order it, we got another $20 taken off (random coupon from the clerk) plus 10% off for buying something off our own registry. It’s all ordered, and will be a gift from Darling Husband’s parents. Yay!

We haven’t bought this yet, but we already figured out how to pay for it. We cashed in our AirMiles and some department store points to buy a few giftcards, and that will be enough to cover a Playard and the other few things we still need to buy (changing pad cover, ear thermometer, etc.). Can’t wait for the giftcards to arrive in the mail!

One Comment on “Great expectations

  1. Those are some great deals that you were able to get. The changing table is lovely – it looks so elegant, and will look great with the storage baskets 🙂

    BTW, I'm having a mini-giveaway on my blog, if you're interested.

    Have an amazing week!


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