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Weekly re-cap of pregnancy #2: Week 22

Week 22 (Dec. 24 through Dec. 30)  Symptoms: Oh hello, old friend enemy — and the WORST pregnancy symptom EVER. Hiiiii, over-sharing. Body changes: Darling Husband commented a few times that I’m “all belly,” but I think he was just being nice. I was most definitely not “all belly” last… Continue Reading “Weekly re-cap of pregnancy #2: Week 22”

Baby’s first laundry

Friday, January 29, 2010 21 weeks, 5 days preggo This baby is still about 18 weeks away from arriving, and yet I did its first load of laundry last night. Wonders never cease, as Ma Ingalls would say. It started because I was planning… Continue Reading “Baby’s first laundry”

Weekly re-cap

(Jan. 24 to Jan. 30) Symptoms: Some round ligament pain, from getting bigger by the day. Severe pregnancy brain. Sinus weirdness seems to be getting better, while the C-word seems to get worse every week. Moaning and groaning when I get up/roll over is… Continue Reading “Weekly re-cap”

Back away from the belly

Friday, January 29, 2010 21 weeks, 5 days preggo Mother-in-law (rubbing my belly): Aww, look at the baby. Me: Yeah, it’s getting bigger! Mother-in-law: You know, by the end, you’re going to be out to here! (Gestures waaaaay out in front of me) Me:… Continue Reading “Back away from the belly”

Thanks for the "advice"

Friday, January 29, 2010 21 weeks, 5 days pregnant I am considering sending my “What to Expect” daily e-mail updates straight to the spam folder. Today’s “helpful” hints on healthy eating made me want to slap someone. Some fat is necessary, but too much… Continue Reading “Thanks for the "advice"”