Sorry, no vacancies

You know when you’re away from home, and after a while, you just reeeeally want to be at home and in your own bed? And eat your own food? And sit in front of the loving glow of your DVR?

Well, I think being in the hospital equals that feeling times a million.

I hadn’t really thought about what it will be like to bring the baby home from the hospital, and who would be there for those first few weeks. But AlphaMom just posted a great article on having company over after you’re home with a new baby.
Am I ever glad I read it! I love my mom, and my in-laws, but having company always stresses me out. The last thing I’m going to want — after spending three days in the hospital, and arriving home with a baby (and uncertainty) — is a condo full of houseguests!

Is there food in the fridge? Is there ice? Are there clean towels? The are not the kinds of questions I’m going to want to be obsessing over, when I have a brand-new baby to figure out. 
The article mentioned that many parents institute a “no overnight guests for two weeks” rule, when they come home from the hospital. This gives them two weeks to adjust to parenthood without worrying who is seeing them in their jammies. 
Many parents also specify that if someone is dropping by to visit the baby during those first couple of weeks, they should make the visits quick — and, preferably, bring food. Now that’s more like it!

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