All in the family

Some extended families talk about the weather. Or sports. I wonder what that’s like …

You see, Darling Husband’s auntie is in town, so last night we paid a visit to his parents’ place to see her.

“I was talking with my friends the other day,” Visiting Aunt tells me over tea and dessert. She pauses suddenly. “They … they don’t know you, of course.” 
Oh dear. This can’t be good.
“Anyway,” she continues. “I was telling them how you and my nephew are going to be trying soon, and that you’re taking the vitamins …”
Oh God.
“And they couldn’t believe that I knew all of that!” Visiting Aunt chuckles. “One said, ‘Oh, I would never know such personal details about my family.’ And I said, ‘Yes, we’re all very close.'” 
I smiled weakly and shovelled more dessert into my mouth. I don’t mind that Darling Husband’s family knows our plans. I mean, we’ve been married just about a year, and everyone knows how much we want kids. “Trying” is not really a surprise.
And, of course, since we are all “so very close,” everyone knows we can’t try until Best Friend’s wedding (two months, one week, six days).
I don’t mind them knowing. But after last night, I’m thinking … if it doesn’t happen in July, or August, or September, not only am I going to be anxious/disappointed every month, but I’m going to have a slew of phone calls from across the country asking if it’s happened?
I think it’s time to start keeping my mouth shut … in real life, at least.

2 Comments on “All in the family

  1. Eww that’s a tricky one. Husband and I are just as close with our families and I had every intention of letting them know when we intend to start trying, but you raise a good point. Maybe it would be good to tell the more distance family that you’re not going to start trying until the fall or winter now, so they won’t be asking and they’d be especially thrilled and surprised if you called them in August with good news!


  2. I think it’s too late for that unfortunately, haha — word has already spread. But they won’t be kept in the loop like the close family will.


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