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Five surprising ways newborns are kinda dirty

Their nails are long! And dirty! Who would have thought? Not me. I cut them every other day, it seems, and there is usually dirt underneath them. What gives? He doesn’t go anywhere to get them dirty! They have gunky eyes. I hadn’t experienced… Continue Reading “Five surprising ways newborns are kinda dirty”

Five things about my new knockers

They are pretty freaking fantastic … … you know, when they’re nice and round and full of milk, and making incredible cleavage for the first time in my life When they’re empty, they sort of look/feel like empty wallets It’s like having a boob… Continue Reading “Five things about my new knockers”

Phatness update

I had heard that after you have a baby, you leave the hospital looking “four or five months pregnant.” Hells no, I’m happy to say! Finally, a pleasant surprise about the whole labour/delivery/postpartum experience. I was actually prancing around my hospital room on the… Continue Reading “Phatness update”