Not Me Monday: Pain edition

Monday, March 1, 2010

26 weeks, 1 day pregnant
  • Last night, I did not have a LOT of difficulty getting from a lying-on-my-back-reading-in-bed position to a getting-up-to-pee position. I just popped up like a gymnast.
  • It was not so painful that it felt like someone was stabbing me in my back.
  • It did not take several attempts to get up.
  • I am totally not going to stop lying on my back, ever. I can handle it.
  • I slept soundly, and did not wake up several times during the night with awful, awful leg pain.
  • I did not, at several points throughout the night, wish it was morning already because nothing was making my legs feel better.
  • I did not shoot Darling Husband a death stare when he complained of sore legs this morning.

So what do you think?

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