5 pregnancy over-shares

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

27 weeks, 2 days pregnant
  • Yesterday evening, my ankles were a bit puffy (as usual). I absentmindedly pushed my finger into one, to see what it felt like. When I lifted my finger off it, there was a huge INDENT in my ANKLE, that slowly faded. I am officially human Silly Putty. Little Sis was incredibly grossed out.
  • Peeing has become more of a trickle. I remember Dusty from All Things G&D had this issue when she was pregnant. It’s weird.
  • Also: sometimes when I’m done peeing, I get a weird kind of pressure-y feeling. Is Baby Boy shifting because his comfy cushion (a.k.a. my bladder) has just deflated? No clue.
  • I almost accidentally rolled off the couch last night, while trying to get up. I caught myself just in time, but I am positive Little Dog laughed at me.
  • I was out of clean maternity undies this morning, so I wore a pair of my regular, pre-preggo ones. They are riding up the butt, and it makes me a little sad. They used to fit, dammit!

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