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Pink or blue?

Today’s the day of our gender-reveal ultrasound! Squeeeeeeeeee! I’ll be posting the results here later on, as soon as I’ve notified all of the real-life peeps (grandparents, friends, Facebookers, etc.) OMG I am dying of suspense! I bet you are, too, right?

Hamburger or Turtle?!?!

My hospital ultrasound is this morning. Fellow Canadians know what I mean by that. By “hospital ultrasound” I mean “the actual medical ultrasound where they won’t tell you ANYTHING (like the sex of your baby) and will get PISSY if you dare ask them… Continue Reading “Hamburger or Turtle?!?!”

Clothes explosion

I promised myself I wouldn’t dig through the (THOUSANDS OF) crates of baby clothes stored in the empty nursery. I promised! I had decided, all rational-like, that there was no point until we knew the sex. So I was going to wait, and then… Continue Reading “Clothes explosion”