Just like last time around, I am going absolutely positively NUTS waiting to find out the sex of this baby.

I have a lot of respect for parents who don’t find out what they’re having. I’m pretty sure waiting 40 weeks would kill me. It almost killed me last time to wait 22 weeks, and this time I only have to wait 20 because I begged the 3D ultrasound clinic to take me on the earliest possible day. Only 20 weeks, and it’s still been killing me.

Yes, I am quite possibly the most impatient person on the planet. But I am awfully patient when the toddler wants to do something super boring, like point to every single item in the room and say “Whaddis?” a million times.

Remember last time, how I was so so so SO convinced we were having a girl? And then SURPRISE, it’s a boy! And I was all shock-of-the-century (and a few terrified tears)?

Well! This time? I’m convinced we’re having a boy.

  • I’ve had several dreams of boy babies
  • Darling Husband keeps saying “him” and “he” (not “the baby”)
  • Other than initially feeling a little sicker than I did with my first pregnancy, I’ve felt pretty similar

I am pretty sure we’re having a boy. Part of me thinks I might be psychologically doing this to myself, to avoid the tears of last time. Sort of like, if I’m sure it’s a boy, and then it turns out to be a girl, then it would just be a pleasant surprise, yadda yadda. Oh, the human brain is a tricky beast.

I do still want a girl, at some point — I admit it. BUT! I am also excited about the possibilty of a boy. I like the idea of having a little brother for the toddler — two little guys who will play together and wrestle and be all puppy-doggish and cute together.

In conclusion … I suck at waiting, and I’m putting $100 on blue.

Let’s just invent 3D ultrasound clinics in Canada that will tell you at the 12-week mark and FIND OUT ALREADY!

2 Comments on “Premonitions

  1. Ooo I can't wait to find out! I think I have to guess girl … I don't know why, just call it a hunch. Nine sleeps! 🙂


  2. I'm betting boy! But maybe we just think it's a boy because that is what we are used to having..?


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