"He’s a climber …"

How many times a day do I hear that phrase?
And SAY that phrase???

Baby Boy is an unstoppable climber. He has always been very physical — moving, running, jumping, exploring — but the climbing is awful. When you are 13 months old, what, honestly, can you climb safely? Nothing!

Since moving to my mom’s, his climbing has gotten a lot worse, because there are so many new things to climb!

Last week, he climbed onto my mom’s antique table so he could see out the window. Yesterday I caught him standing on the window ledge (he climbed up a large chair and then onto the ledge) and my mom caught him a couple of hours later standing on a hutch (he climbed onto a couch and then up the back of it until he reached the hutch).*

(*This probably sounds like we leave him unattended or just don’t watch him carefully, but we do. Swearies. He’s just frickin’ fast!)

I have been rearranging furniture and moving countless items away, and my poor mom’s house is starting to look NOTHING like the house it was before we moved in.

Any parents out there have little monkeys of their own? Advice would be greatly appreciated. I don’t want to turn around next and see him hanging from a curtain rod or something, and, at this point, nothing would surprise me.

So what do you think?

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