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Five awesome new things my 11-month-old just learned to do

Wave. He seemed to be a little late on the wave-train, but now he’s really gotten it. He waves at us. He waves when visitors leave. I’m really obsessive about making sure to always have the people wave back, so he gets the give-and-take nature… Continue Reading “Five awesome new things my 11-month-old just learned to do”

Our baby in review: His Eleventh Month

Baby Boy turned 11 months on May 6, 2011, and that means we are mere WEEKS from the big one. Number one. ONE YEAR OLD. I can’t possibly be the mother of an almost-one-year-old. I’m still figuring crap out! Vital stats: Baby Boy was last weighed and measured… Continue Reading “Our baby in review: His Eleventh Month”

Our baby in review: His Tenth Month

Baby Boy is 10 ten 10 months old. The former copy editor in me is struggling with using the “right” way to write 10 (10) and the more “accepted” way to write 10 (ten).  Either way, he is 10 months old, as of yesterday. In a… Continue Reading “Our baby in review: His Tenth Month”

One and a half men

I recently took on a work-from-home project that required me to work out of the home for two days in one week. It was very strange be with away from Baby Boy for an eight-hour day and a ten-hour-day (with three days at home… Continue Reading “One and a half men”

Tiny techies

Baby Boy is obsessed with computers. He is constantly crawling over to our desk, pulling himself up, and banging his fat little fists on the keyboard. I don’t really care if I’m not using it, but when I am trying to type something, I… Continue Reading “Tiny techies”