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In a little more than a week, I will be changing up my morning routine. I’ll wake up to the radio, lie there half-asleep for 10-30 minutes, take a sip of water, and shuffle off my bathroom. Notice the part where I will not be taking… Continue Reading “Oops!”

The Daily Dozen

By far, the biggest thing weighing on my mind lately has been what I should — and should not — be eating. I’m about 1/4 of the way through What To Expect When You’re Expecting, and it keeps stressing the importance of what you eat… Continue Reading “The Daily Dozen”

Stop … in the name of love

So, if you’ve been keeping track … We now have Best Friend, Little Sis, Mom, and the entire fam-in-law totally, 100% on the baby train … with Darling Husband and I leading the way down the track.  The big ol’ conception party is scheduled… Continue Reading “Stop … in the name of love”

The fear factor

I have a friend who is umemployed. He is delaying actually applying for any jobs, and just trying to enjoy the “break.” I think he is scared to start applying, because he is scared he will not get hired right away. But as long as… Continue Reading “The fear factor”

The pill plunge

This morning, I looked long and hard at my packet of birth control pills.  I didn’t want to take one … Since we are planning on trying this summer, I feel like I should get off the pill soon, so I have a chance… Continue Reading “The pill plunge”